Hickory Hill Band Members

Doug Sims is a fixture on the Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia bluegrass scene.  Not only does he sing heartfelt, soulful vocals (reminiscent of Charlie Waller or Charlie Moore,) but he also sings  pleasant baritone harmonies, and plays strong rhythm guitar with just the right amount of tasteful fills and licks to give H/H's instrumentation a solid sound.
Beverly Hatfield is a harmonizing machine.  She loves to sing and rarely misses an opportunity to share her vocal talents.  Per the groups number one fan (Bill Bageant) "If someone drops a tray of dishes on the floor, Bev will sing harmony with it!"  She's not just a great back up singer, she also steps out and sings lead vocals on many of H/H's most popular tunes.
Pam Bageant is the newest member of the Hickory Hill family and drives the band playing her 1953 Kay upright bass.  She provides solid timing and helps out with some pretty vocals too.  She's been following the band around for years, so we figured we might as well put her to work!
Ed Bardroff handles the Mandolin duties and provides some background vocals.  Ed is a quiet, unassuming guy who loves classic bluegrass, and prefers to avoid the limelight.  Instead he lets his mandolin do the talking...and when he does, stand back!
David Bageant is the banjo player and loves Scruggs style, traditional 5 string "pickin."  He loves to play his Huber Lancaster, and also lends a hand with a few vocals, and tries to be helpful with some of the behind the scenes tasks, like the website, or business cards, or flyers.